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When I replaced the flooring in my home recently, I was surprised to find out that one of the options available to me was a cork floor. I’d always thought of cork as nothing more than the way to top off a bottle of wine. However, it turns out that cork is a great flooring option. It has many of the benefits of hardwood, but the texture and give of the material also adds some of the benefits of carpeting. I decided to start a blog about flooring so that I could share some of the benefits of interesting and lesser-known flooring options. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you only have a few choices. There are lots of great directions you can take with your home flooring that will perfectly suit your home and your needs.

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3 Options To Consider When Building A New Garage

Building a new garage on your property is a great way to get additional storage for your home or provide yourself with a safe place to keep your vehicle. However, there are a few options that you will want to consider when building a new garage that can help you get the most out of that new structure, such as the three listed below.

Leave Out The Windows

One of the easiest ways to build a much more secure garage is to request that the contractor provides you with a design that leaves out the windows. The reason for this is that the windows can provide several vulnerabilities that a potential intruder can utilize in order to break into your home. For example, the intruder can use the windows to bypass your garage door entirely and gain entry into the garage or use the garage's windows as a means by which to scout the interior of the garage in his or her search for valuable items to steal.

Utilize A Solid Wood Garage Door

Another great option to consider when building a new garage is to utilize a solid wood garage door. The main benefit provided by a solid wood garage door is the fact that it is a type of door the provide you with the best insulation. This means that you will be able to better control the temperature within your garage, which is ideal if you are storing sensitive items in the garage, such as a classic car or motorcycle.

Install A Locking Mechanism

Finally, while you are building your new garage, it is important to think about how you are going to secure that garage. As a result, you will want to consider having a contractor building your garage add a locking mechanism to keep the door from being forced open when you are out of town or in for the night. Locking mechanisms for your garage door can include options that jam the door track via a lock attached to the wall next to the garage door -- or a lock that is installed on the floor of the garage and that can either latch or attach to the garage door in order to hold it firmly shut.

Speak with a contractor or garage builder like Platinum Renovations today in order to discuss what options he or she would recommend that you consider when building a new garage. When building a new garage, it is important to consider leaving out the windows, utilizing a solid wood garage door, and installing a locking mechanism.