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When I replaced the flooring in my home recently, I was surprised to find out that one of the options available to me was a cork floor. I’d always thought of cork as nothing more than the way to top off a bottle of wine. However, it turns out that cork is a great flooring option. It has many of the benefits of hardwood, but the texture and give of the material also adds some of the benefits of carpeting. I decided to start a blog about flooring so that I could share some of the benefits of interesting and lesser-known flooring options. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you only have a few choices. There are lots of great directions you can take with your home flooring that will perfectly suit your home and your needs.

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3 Things To Know About Fall Chimney Inspection

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, before you start using your fireplace to keep the place warm, you need to get your chimney inspected. A fall chimney inspection is a necessity if you want to keep your home safe. 

Schedule Your Annual Inspection 

The first thing you need to do is find a chimney company to come out and inspect your chimney. Fall, when everyone starts to use their fireplaces again, is one of the busiest times of the year for chimney companies. In order to get an appointment, you need to be flexible with your schedule, as chimney companies are really busy from around October through January each year, so your flexibility is a must if you want to get an appointment.  

Get Your Chimney Cleaned 

When you schedule a chimney inspection, the chimney technicians that come to your home are going to do more than just look at your chimney. They are going to come out with all of the tools to properly clean your chimney. It is necessary to clean your chimney before you start using your fireplace again.  

Over the course of a burning season, your chimney fills up with debris and soot that can cause a chimney fire. Additionally, over the spring and summer months, debris and even critters can get inside of your chimney.  

A chimney inspector will clean your chimney, remove all the creosote buildup inside of your chimney, and make sure no debris, such as leaves, are inside your chimney that could catch fire.   

Get Your Chimney Repairs 

A chimney inspection is an all-inclusive job, for the most part. The professional will inspect your chimney and let you know if they find any damage. If they find any damage to your chimney, such as crumbling bricks or a broken weather flute, after consulting with you, they will fix the damage on the spot. You generally don't need to schedule another appointment in order to repair whatever the inspector found wrong with your chimney; as long as you give your consent, the damage can be fixed right away. Immediately allowing the chimney repair is generally a good option as it will allow you to safely use your chimney sooner, and you will not have to wait for another appointment during the busiest season of the year for the chimney industry.  

If you have a wood-burning fireplace you plan on using this fall or winter, schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection right away. A chimney technician will clean and repair your chimney in one appointment, allowing you to start using your fireplace.